Hi! Welcome to our re-launch of the website… As you can see we have Lemons and Lavender everywhere! You might be asking yourself what do Lemons and Lavender have to do with Autism and Anxiety?

Life can be stressful full of up and downs, I’m sure you have heard of the expression.. when Life Gives you lemons fill it with ( fill in the blank) ……We have our version on that … It is When Life Gives You Lemons fill it with Lavender!

We Decided to actually make a Lemons and Lavender All Natural Product Line! This Product Line is to Help raise Awareness, Acceptance and Activism about Autism and Anxiety.

We will be writing blogs, eventually podcasts, speaking engagement and more. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and feel free to look around our relaunched website!

When life gives you Lemons fill it with Lavender and turn Autism & Anxiety into Awesomism!

About Lemons and Lavenders

We hope you love our special Lemon and Lavender scented product. Studies have shown this combination to improve a person’s mood and decrease stress levels both of which impact the special needs community and people with elevated stress and anxiety. We’re proud to partner with Underdog Kids in promoting Awareness, Acceptance and Activism on their behalf.

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We’re going to be putting out episodes in our Podcasts page someday! We would love to have you be a guest!

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Team Awesomism Website

Peyton started his own website TeamAwesomism.com, which we’re helping people with autism, anxiety, GAD and ADHD to find their comfort zones and happy places! Please check it out!