What is an Awesomism Campaign?

What is an Awesomism Campaign?
After spending many years working in the political world as a grassroots person, I decided to take my experiences, skills and network to a different venue.
Our goal is to give a voice to those who live with Autism on a daily basis. Too often families struggle financially and emotionally and feel like their voice isn’t being heard by Corporations, Media and Political leaders, as well as others. We will approach the Campaign from the perspective of a true Grassroots movement. Giving a voice to those that are feeling left out the of the Awesomism discussion, i.e. families that live with it everyday. Autism affects so many and no two needs are the same, yet there are so many similarities and these can be unified together and a strong voice can be heard. Continue reading


I remember there was a time I would stress for days when I knew Peyton needed a haircut. He hated them, he was so afraid of the scissors, shaver and anything else anyone tried to use.  I tried everything to get him to understand it was going to be ok. What added to the stress was fellow customers not understanding Autism and making comments or giving me dirty looks and shaking their heads, as if I wanted him to be upset.


Peyton gets a haircut at Aveda – for FREE!

I remember one time cutting the hair on one of his stuffed animals, thinking he would see it was going to be ok. That backfired big time, as he cried that I “ruined” his friend! Not knowing what else to try, I sought out the help and support of my older kids..my older ones agreed to go with and get their haircut with him, they showed him that there was nothing to be afraid of, and in fact they enjoyed getting haircuts. I had tried to spare them the stressful time. Along with his Continue reading

How I got here

Welcome to my blog! I am new at this,So please bear with me!
A little about myself, I am a Mom of 4.. 3 Boys and 1 girl…ages 16 to 30, Anyone who knows me, knows my kids are my world. My third child has Marfans and my youngest is Autistic. I was a single Mom for many years, and I know the struggles first hand, that so many face. I have seen some tough times that have tested me to the max and have seen some amazing times.
I decided to start this blog/business about Turning Autism into Awesomism, to not only help others but to allow my family to be able to work through some of the toughest of times and see them in a positive light.
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