Bowling and life lessons

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Sports! I have passed this love on to my kids, in some ways they had little choice as I always had and still have it on my TV. Although I admit I don’t always show great sportsmanship…I tried very hard to instill in my kids that sports teaches you about passion, sportsmanship and teamwork.
Mark and I decided we wanted to get Peyton started into some sort of sport. We were looking for one where he was playing in a team scenario, but was also an individual effort. Our answer came to us after Peyton went with his Youth group and bowled, and he did really well! Continue reading

Angel on Earth

This blog will somewhat stray from my Awesomism posts, but this is about a truly awesome person, who has made a major impact in my life as well as so many others.

Before I tell you how Michele touched my life, let me introduce you to her. She is one of those people you meet and from the start you are amazed at her genuine spirit and love. She has dedicated her life to helping others. First going into the inner city where no one else would and helping those who others have discarded. Her faith in others and in what is right has guided her to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. She has seen it all, from gangs to homeless. She didn’t fear them, instead she worked to be the best she could be to help them. She never met an issue she was afraid to take on. Continue reading

Afraid to Fail

One of the issues we work on all the time with Peyton is his extreme fear of failing, it overflows into so many parts of his life. He won’t step outside of his comfort zone unless we push him. I saw this when he was younger and tried to nurture it in a way that looking back at it may not have been the best route. I felt as though he had enough ahead of him so making him face fears and failures at that point wouldn’t help. As a parent, who at the time was a single mom of 4, I wanted to protect him as much as I could. I see now I may have protected him a little too much. He needed those scraped knees, tears from hurts and pushing himself outside of his “comfort zone”. Continue reading

Amazing Awesomness Moments

Too often we focus on the stressful side of Autism. I am the first to admit, it is very stressful and at times draining, but I also know there are so many awesome moments and I want to share some of ours with you. I hope they not only make you smile but reflect on how awesome life can be when you have Awesomness in it!

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Expressing himself in nontraditional ways!

When Peyton was young he had his own language and many times I didn’t know what he was telling me. At one point my third child seemed to be the only one who could understand him at times. I felt so bad that I wasn’t always able to understand what he was he was telling me. We relied on pointing or me guessing until he shook his head in approval. I know it frustrated him as well and I could tell at times when Preston was called into the room to “interpret” it hurt him, he saw the rest of us communicating and he wasn’t able  to. I would repeat back to him what he had said hoping that it would improve his skill set. I had wished he could write down what he was feeling, wanting, thinking etc…. Since he couldn’t read I knew this wasn’t possible.

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