Amazing People we met along the way!

I love to travel it affords you so many amazing expierences such as getting to see new and unique places and meet people, you otherwise may not get to. I love to travel for both business and pleasure and this past trip to Chicago was one that was for both! This is always my favorite type. I have traveled to many states as well as Internationally and every time I come away with an expierence that I won’t forget.


This trip was no different except I came away with several amazing expierences. As I Continue reading

My Trip To Chicago By Peyton

My trip to Chicago

On the first day, my parents and I went on a business trip for my
parents, but we also made it a vacation. I am homeschooled so I can travel,and I love to learn by going to places.
Me and my parents left Houston, TX to go to Chicago, Illinois. First place we went to was Jefferson, Texas to look at the old town and stores. We went to the general store in Jefferson that had drinks, candies, jars, kid’s toys, etc. that my parents remembered from when they were kids. Then we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas we learned why it’s called Hot Springs and actually got to feel the hot water. Continue reading

Getting Ready for Our Trip and Life Skills

I love to travel, meeting new people and seeing new places is exciting to me. I am lucky in that our business involves traveling. We had a client flying in to meet another client that is based in Chicago. We actually had a short time to prepare for this due to several beyond our control reasons. As many of you know, traveling is always stressful, and it is more stressful when traveling with an Autistic child. Mark and I work very hard to teach Peyton day-to-day life skills, and traveling is one of those. I had Peyton pack his own suitcases and backpack. It is very hard not to pack for him or to go on behind him to make sure he has everything. I also know that if I do,then he really isn’t learning to be self-sufficient in Continue reading