2016 Resolutions

Today, I sat down and started writing my 2016 Resolutions. It’s something I do every year, and yes every year I fail miserably at success. It got me thinking, as I was writing my goals, dream and desires for 2016, what are other Awesomism Parents resolutions. Are theirs like mine?  Above all do they want Patience and Understanding? I think we truly approach life different from other parents. I remember when Peyton was young, I was thrilled if he put 4 words together that fit! I would have friends say oh my son did that when he was 2… I wanted to say well great so did my other kids…Peyton is autistic..can you just keep your silly comments to yourself? Many times I see on Social media various Awesomism Parents Continue reading

Learning Independence

Ever since Peyton was first diagnosed with Autism, I have thought about what will his future be like? While this is a common theme among all parents of all kids, it is different when your child is special needs. I have set goals not only for Peyton, but for myself. I knew I needed to change how I viewed things, as well as how I interacted with my kids. When my older kids were young, I had a “comfort level” that when I taught them things they had a level of comprehension. This wasn’t and isn’t always true for Peyton. Things that were so easy for my other kids, came with a struggle for him. I see him struggle daily, sometimes with the easiest of things, this hurts my heart. I want so badly to just do things Continue reading


Guest Blog From Mark

One constant around our house is sports. I used to play a lot, now it’s just the occasional round of golf or tossing the Frisbee, tho the tv is frequently tuned to whatever game is on. I’m a big believer in using sports to teach greater life lessons such as performing under pressure, teamwork and accountability. Peyton doesn’t have much of an affinity for playing sports and we haven’t pushed it on him. One sport we have encouraged him to partake in is bowling. I bowled as a kid (a fat kid at that), and always had fun, made friends and Continue reading

Traditions are made to be broken

When my older kids were young, I would stress so much during the holidays. So much “holiday stuff” to do, as well as be a Mom, homeschooler, run a consulting business etc….As they grew up, I got them to help me more, but I still stressed. Peyton was quite young when I separated from their father. I became a single mom of four. I tried to even make the holidays better, as they were now from a “divided family”. I wanted the Holidays to be a special time and for them to have special memories. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized it isn’t about all the “stuff” it’s about being a family unit. Continue reading