My Passionate Campaign for Awesomism

I admit it, I am a passionate person! When I believe in something, I tend to be a little over the top. My love for my sports teams is proof positive of that ☺️..I also carry that deep love for my kids and Mark. I love being a Mom and I am a Momma Bear in the truest sense of the word. I know I tend to be over protective of Peyton, even if Mark works to balance that out 😊….I also know that if I don’t take up the fight to help Peyton as I can, no one else will. I had an Awesomism mom say to me the other day, how much she loves people who fight for Awesomism, because it shows others do care. I realized several years ago many people think they understand or pretend to understand, but don’t. Every day is a new struggle, but it’s how we choose to view that struggle that makes the difference. I have chosen not to dwell on why or how etc…Peyton was born autistic, instead I choose to fight to make his life the best it can be. I have had people say to me I need to take up the cause of other special needs kids and adults as well. While my heart is there for them, I can’t speak from first hand experience what it is like to raise them, I can with Autism. I do feel that at times when people fight for issues they aren’t as well versed in as they should/could be, and that can be a negative not a positive. This is not to say if you aren’t directly affected you don’t have a voice, you do…I just believe for me, I choose to fight for what I can tell you first hand. I also am a believer in not just fighting for a cause, but when you are fighting you need to bring solutions to the table. To stand and yell at elected officials and such, saying they aren’t doing enough, is easy…bring them solutions, show them well-thought out ideas and programs that do work. Many times they are willing to listen and help you either implement those programs, or can tell you who can.


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Friendships and Awesomism

I know there are many perspectives on how friendships should be initiated and maintained for autistic kids and adults, but this is mine. I am not saying mine is right or wrong, I am saying this what I think is best for Peyton. Any autistic parent of a high functioning child will tell you, there is blessing as well as heartaches when they are high functioning. I have discussed in other blogs, both sides of this in regards to other issues. This is very true with friendships. Peyton wants to have friends and he is a sweet kid, he has a big heart and understands the concept of friendships. He has seen his siblings have friends, his sister is super social and when she was still at home had friends over all the time. In fact at times I had her friends actually living with us, for a variety of reasons, so Peyton was blessed by having ” a big extended family” He has many times expressed he wants friends, he has them, and when he was young he had a best friend who lived across the street. They did the “typical” kid things. They would play games, go places together, stay over etc etc…but as they got around 9 ish their worlds started to become very different, his friend was not autistic so he was progressing at a much different rate than Peyton. I remember seeing The hurt in Peyton’s eyes when his buddy no longer wanted to play with him. Our front doors faced each other and that made it harder as Peyton would see him head off with other kids. I tried to explain to him, it would be ok, but words didn’t heal. My daughter and her friends were awesome as they started to do more things with him, such as take him to movies etc…this somewhat eased the hurt but didn’t really fill the hole.

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Peyton’s Blog about Our Road Trip to South Texas

Our Road Trip to South Texas

Date: 1/16/16

On January 14-15th, me and my parents went to south Texas, and we
had lots of fun, but we also learned. We got to learn more about the
Goliad massacre, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, King Ranch and
so much more about history. We drove down to McAllen, we were almost
in Mexico. Before we left and while we were driving, I Googled some
counties and cities in south Texas to learn more about them. They had
historic stores, restaurants and hotels. I added the links and
pictures on Flipboard. I did not know anything about the history of
counties or cities in south Texas until now.
In the afternoon, we went to King Ranch Quarter Horses, and we got
to learn about Santa Gertrudis cattle and the Klebergs family. We read
the signs to learn about Richard M. Kleberg and his father Robert J.
Kleberg. Robert J. Kleberg helped breed the Santa Gertrudis cattle.
The Santa Gertrudis were named after the Spanish land grant. That
night, we went to Corpus Christi, and we stayed at the Hyatt Place. I
didn’t realize Corpus Christi was such a big city, it reminded me of
Florida because of the beach. We got to see the USS Lexington
battleship, fishing boats, Harbor Bridge and downtown Corpus Christi
while we were driving. We went to the original Whataburger, that is
where Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton started it. It had 2 floors and an
outdoor. Before we left and after we finished eating, we took a
picture of Harmon Dobson statue that was on the bench near the door.
Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton were partners, and Dobson’s goal was to
make a very good burger. “What a burger!” he said. That’s the reason
why he called it “Whataburger.”

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Unconditional Love

When I was young I thought I knew the definition of unconditional love, my view was you loved someone you loved them through good and bad and stuck together no matter what. It’s been in the last 15 + years, that so many of the “values” “views” I believed have been put to a test. With the birth of each of my older kids, I remember looking at them and thinking how much I loved them and wanted to make their lives better. I have questioned many things in my life, but never my love for my kids. I remember when Peyton was born, he was quite a bit younger than my older kids and I knew he would be my last, I wanted to really cherish each moment. I knew almost right away something was different with Continue reading

Awesomism and Politics

Having been in the political world for years, I have seen politics from all sides. Some of it I love, and some of it I despise. I know so much good can come from the right people taking up a cause. Many times the key to getting those who are in the political world to listen and advocate for you, is to make it personal for them. I have seen first-hand where an elected official doesn’t have a direct connection to a cause, but a staffer does. A great politician will then defer to that staffer on their knowledge,and learn from them. I know several who did or do this. Continue reading