This is not a topic I like to even think about, let alone write about. I tweet anti-bullying messages and make my feelings known. I find bullies to be some of the most heartless people. It amazes me even on Twitter how people think it makes them look “tough”.. if only they would realize how weak and insecure it makes them look. I think we all have personal bullying stories and I know my older kids have been bullied when they were young. To this day it makes me upset, yes I am a momma bear. When my older kids were young, I could explain to them better about Bullies. Not that it made it any easier, but they understood that people are cruel, because of their own issues.This isn’t always so easy with Peyton, and it hurts my heart. Peyton is homeschooled so we don’t run into as much, but he has experiences with it. When my older kids were young there wasn’t the huge influx of social media, like now, so it seems to be even wider spread now, and harder to protect. 

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Homeschooling with Flipboard

By: Mark

I need to interrupt this blog for an important announcement. We would like to put out the call to all homeschoolers, no…to anyone of school age actually, to connect with us on Flipboard so that Peyton can collaborate with you on Flipboard magazines. If you are unaware of Flipboard, don’t feel bad. We’ve talked to people in many different areas (including education) who don’t know or aren’t sure what it is. If you have an iPad or other tablet device, I highly recommend you download it now. You will need to create an account with a valid email address, tell it at least 7 subjects of interest, and presto you have a beautiful, portable magazine reader at your fingertips. You will probably want to go beyond just using it as a magazine reader. Which is what I used it as for about the first 4 years I was aware of it. It’s a beautiful way to view others’ content, be it a magazine, the news, or just photographs. It was not until I found a group on twitter called #FlipboardChat, that I realized the real power of Flipboard.


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I am Peyton, I am 16 and Autistic, this is what it is like to be me


I’m 16, I’m autistic, I am homeschooled and I’m in 10th grade. I want to go to Texas A&M or FSU. I sometimes have trouble with who, what, when, where, why and how. I don’t always answer right when people ask me about something. I sometimes don’t comprehend what they’re saying. However, most of the people don’t even realize that I’m autistic. When people are mean to me like my dad, it upsets me, which makes my autism worse. I then have a hard time thinking about something I need to do for schoolwork and sports. My stepdad, Mark always has the patience, which helps me. My mother, my stepdad and my siblings always love me. I wanted to write this blog to let others know what it’s like to be me and what my struggles and positives are.
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