Autism and Hotel loyalty programs

Let me be totally upfront before I make my case for why I think loyalty programs are great for Autism families….I am Diamond level with Hyatt. Hyatt is my preferred hotel chain, for many reasons…some of which I will discuss in this blog. Hyatt did not ask me to write this blog, in fact they have no idea I am doing this. This is not a compensated blog…I was loyal to Hyatt years before I even started blogging. This is my first in a three-part series on travel and autism. image

For some autistic families, travel is not always something they enjoy…not because they don’t like to travel, but because of all the extra stresses that it brings to the family member with autism, which in turn causes stress to everyone else. Peyton is my youngest child by quite a few years, and in some ways it made it a little easier for me. My other kids were enough older that they understood his stresses better, Continue reading