My “Boring” Day

Today we decided to run some errands…take Peyton to get his hair cut for his Prom on Saturday, stop off at a store on market street to pick up some lotion and then head over to get Jimmy John subs…why am I telling you these seemingly insignificant details of my life? Because they are insignificant details…before you stop reading and thinking I am off track, please bear with me and you will see why this seemingly boring day is a true blessing!

Peyton is going to his Prom on Saturday..something I never thought would happen. Today he and I started to work on what all he needed for clothes, hair etc…wanted to get it all done before tomorrow afternoon. I sent Peyton upstairs to his room and asked him to bring me his 3 best pair of pants, he brought exactly what I expected him to bring. Three very nice pair that he outgrew 2 years ago…before you judge Continue reading

Hotel Loyalty programs & Autism travel part 2

This is the second in my series on how I feel Hotel loyalty programs help make traveling with an autistic child easier. As I stated in my previous blog, I am a loyal Hyatt guest, but have also stayed at many other brands over the years. This blog is my opinion on how it has helped me, along with some of the feedback I have gotten from others who travel with an autistic child or children.

I look back and think about some of the “attitudes” I had before on traveling with kids. Teaching kids how to behave in public truly can go straight out the window when you have a special needs child. This is one of the main reasons I felt the need to write this blog, it isn’t only for fellow autism families and how loyalty programs help, but also my hope is that hotel owners and managers make sure special needs families are in their dialogues.

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