Fail Fast

In the world of business, and especially with ‘Startups’, there is the saying that the faster you fail, the sooner you can get on the right path. Hence the title Fail Fast or #FailFast. Or at least try another path. With autism gaining momentum as a mainstream subject, there are those who will take advantage of souring statistics for their own gain. Some even have autistic children and a load of good intentions. The newfound experts in this area range from those with good intentions but little ability, to downright unethical. With 1 in 56 children being diagnosed with autism, chances are most people are touched by it in some way. They have a sibling, a neighbor or classmates. These growing numbers provide an opening for opportunists to take advantage of the vulnerable parent searching for some way to provide comfort, education or even just fun to the child who is different from Continue reading

Mike McCue at Cannes Lions 2016

And speaking of Flipboard (see previous post), we are so honored that Mike McCue – CoFounder and CEO of Flipboard, gave us a shoutout during his talk as a panelist along with Adam Weinberg of The Whitney Museum:

“Well, Similar to what you said, Some of the great artists may not have been popular. But they were great artists and because you had made it a selection for those artists, they became more known. I think the same is true for people who are curating.

There’s an example on Flipboard, a woman who has an autistic son, and she curates for her son…articles and things she thinks her son would like to read. Also, she curates about what it is to raise an autistic son. What she found was there were a lot of  other people who were quite interested in this.

And so we discovered that this was happening and we curated her…in a sense, and presented her on Flipboard. So, There are people who have a sense of taste. They are discerning.  They are passionate. They are enthusiastic about an interest. They know where to go get the good stuff. And being able to surface those people is fore of what we do.”

Here’s the edited version. Click this link to watch. .

Mike McCue at Cannes Lions 2016

Mike McCue at Cannes Lions 2016

The Art of Curating _ Flipboard _ Mike McCue

Thank you Mike!


Mike McCue and The Art of Curation with Adam Weinberg of The Whitney Museum at Cannes Lions 2016

Mike McCue and Adam Weinberg of The Whitney Museum at Cannes Lions 2016

What is Flipboard and Why You Should Care?

By: Mark

As you read this blog, you hopefully have noticed the little red icons and mini-magazines to the side or on the bottom of this blog (depending upon the device you are reading it on). You may even have heard of and know that those are for Flipboard magazines. But you may not understand just what Flipboard is, and why we choose to promote it so heavily over other Social Media (SM) platforms such as Pinterest and even Facebook. The simple answer is we believe Flipboard is a more powerful SM platform to view our story and provide a source to save stories of interest to the Autism community. It also provides a way to connect and interact with other people who share that same passion(s). And, it gets better all the time as the community grows and new features are added to the apps and website. We believe so much in Flipboard as a content source that we were recently featured in a great article by Flipboard that we would love for you to read… Awesomismmoms’ Quest to Make Things Better.

For those on the spectrum, Flipboard provides a soothing, familiar layout, very similar to a traditional magazine, and displays photographs and other content beautifully.AwesomismmomBlogPage

The thumbnails you see in the above picture, are for the magazines we have embedded in our WordPress blog. If you hover over the thumbnails, Continue reading