Flipping Autism into Awesomism

Last week Mark, Peyton and I had the privilege to meet the awesome people at Flipboard. We love Flipboard in our home and are always spreading the “Awesomeness” of Flipboard to everyone and anyone who will listen. I find most people know of/use Twitter, Facebook, snapchat etc etc…but haven’t heard of Flipboard. This is a shame for so many reasons, but most of all because it truly has the ability to change the world. I know this may seem like an over statement, but let me explain why I say this. image

Mark Twain said “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read” Reading is an important tool to learning about so many subjects that we may never otherwise be exposed to. I remember as a kid reading the covers of so many magazines, in stores and having them peak my interest in subjects. I taught my older kids to be inquisitive, and trust me they are..in fact there are times I get frustrated by their questions, and yes they are now adults : ) When Peyton was young I never saw  that desire in him. As I have stated before these were all warning signs to me. I knew I would need to help develop that desire in him to learn. With Flipboard I can teach him more than I can with other similar venues. When he was young he did “magazine therapy” We would sit for hours and I would teach him facial expressions, common words etc…this was a great way for him to recognize not only emotions, but also to build his vocabulary. I truly wish I had Flipboard back then, as I could and would have designed magazines that would have been even more helpful for Peyton. One of the most beautiful things about Flipboard is that I can have pictures, blogs and videos all in a magazine that can and do help Peyton learn. He has his own magazines and they help stir his creativity and promote learning. Not all autistic teens and adults learn to read and that’s where Flipboard can really help. While it is a “reader” it allows for beautiful pictures and videos as well. We all learn at a different rate and in different ways. Flipboard allows for many of those different learning styles” to be used!

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Denied No More

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

From MySanAntonio.com“The Texas Education Agency finally did the right thing Wednesday – ending a policy penalizing school districts that did not cap special education services” Great news for all those parents desperately seeking help and school districts seeking resources for special needs students.

Credit Brian Rosenthal with bringing this issue to light with some of most relentless investigative journalism I’ve seen in quite a while. You can read all the details of the TEA announcement on the heels of Texas speaker Joe Straus sending a letter to the agency asking to stop the practice. I want us all to recognize Brian. In this time where it seems like each news source has their own agenda and favorites, Brian did some real journalism that makes this state, and this nation a better place. Follow Brian on twitter @BrianRosenthal as well as see other places to find him in his profile, most notably the Houston Chronicle for allowing him pursue this story. Let him know you appreciate his fine work, and your kids really appreciate it. Very Positive news for all!

Thanks Brian!….Mark, Lynne and Peyton


Also see: http://www.awesomismmom.com/denied-education/

Denied Followup