Rest easy

2016 is coming to an end on a very sad note for my family. A young man who I loved, decided life wasn’t for him anymore…..He had a whole life in front of him, full of promise and hope yet he couldn’t see that. He was loved yet many times he didn’t feel it. He had some very rough patches in his life and they weren’t always dealt with in a way that was best for him. Being a parent isn’t easy and being the parent of a child who suffers from depression among other things, is really tough. To often Parents don’t listen to their child….REALLY listen to them, instead they get caught up in their own issues.  Two of my kids have dealt with depression and anxiety, it wasn’t easy, especially being a single parent who was raising all 4 of my kids by myself. I know It’s very easy to be judgmental of parents who are dealing with so much. It was truly amazing to me how some people in my life had so much “advice” and so little action. They were “experts” on how to raise my Continue reading

The Awesomism Gift is….?

If you’re like me you either Christmas shop the day after Christmas way in advance, or you wait until the last minute. I hate to admit this, but this year I am really not even in the spirit of the holidays. There are several factors for this, one of which I discussed in my Thanksgiving blog. Shopping at the last minute doesn’t mean you aren’t putting thought into the gift, in fact many times it means you are looking for something unique and perfect for the person you are shopping for. I have a just such a gift for you. It’s a doorbell, and  so much more. I know you are probably saying to yourself right now…really a doorbell? Yes, a doorbell! I am sure you have probably seen the commercials for “Ring” it’s very useful for just about everyone. This blog is about showing how Ring is awesome for many in the Awesomism community.

When Peyton was young, he went through a roaming phase….we shoved chairs in front of doors, put dead bolts where he couldn’t reach etc….it was stressful on me and my older kids. We had to coordinate bathroom times, etc…so that we had him in sight at all times…thank goodness his roaming stage was short lived and nothing serious ever happened. Continue reading

Awesomism in 2017

It’s that time of year when we reflect on what we have accomplished this year, and what we hope to accomplish next year. As a small business owner and mom of 4 kids, every year I hope the next brings a strong economy that provides jobs. You see, my youngest child is Autistic and 17. He is fast approaching adulthood. This is a scary time for me. I always worried as each of my kids approached 18, I knew college was an option for them. While some colleges have programs for those on the spectrum, this isn’t an option for many. Like Peyton, the work environment is especially scary for adults with autism. They have an over 80% unemployment rate. This needs to change. There are stories each week of abuse and bullying by those who are employed by their coworkers and management who don’t understand the characteristics of autism. There are many reasons and excuses why this is so high, but few solutions. Continue reading

Tis the season to be…….

Most people know the ending to Tis the season to be…..Jolly fa la la la while it’s true most everyone finds this time of the year somewhat stressful….it can be way more stressful for families with autistic members. We all love to go to the mall and see the decorations and Santa etc, as a family event! But for kids with autism this can be a real sensory overload…I have had people say well just leave that child home…that’s easier said than done. Many times finding a babysitter for an autistic child isn’t easy, and many times parents are single parent where the other parent can’t take care of or won’t take care of them. I was very lucky Peyton’s siblings were all quite a bit older,so they would stay behind and take care of him, they were past the age of Santa……Sometimes we all would go and one of them, usually my daughter, would find a “quiet space” that she could go with him at the mall, if he was stressed. I am not sure how I would have been able to go to the mall or any store during this hectic time of the year, if not for my older kids. Again, I know I was lucky…that’s one of the reasons for this blog and its topic…if you have a family member, friend etc… Who has an autistic child…please reach out and see how you help make this season easier, maybe it’s offering to sit for them for a few hours….maybe it’s getting their list and offering to shop for them, take their other children to see Santa, take their kids shopping…you get the idea!

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