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  • I absolutely love the Fourth of July, it is one of my favorite holidays…

    I’ve never been one that has done a lot on it other than celebrate it with family and friends… When I was growing up my parents had a […]

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    I have always really loved rocking chairs, I think there is something soothing and calming about rocking… sitting and thinking.

    I rocked all four of my children to sleep when they were little… Peyton lov […]

  • I absolutely love gardens, I have quite a few of them at my home… My favorite one that I started this year is a large wild flower garden.

    I am much more interested in starting my garden from seeds and b […]

  • This is a Blog I put out May of 2017 and thought I would share again… this Mother’s Day… Also, please check out my Mother’s Day Podcast at the end of the Blog! Thanks so much and have an Awesome […]

  • We are super excited to have an awesome guest blogger! here is his Bio!

    Author Bio:- Ralph Macey has been working with an upscale psychiatric facility for quite sometime now. His work involves removing the […]

  • Several weeks ago I was approached by Zimpli kids to test out some of their products… These are great products for sensory issues.

    I deeply appreciated them reaching out to me and seeing if Peyton would be i […]

  • “ My anyway friend” I heard that term for the first time in December… I was laying in bed for several days binge watching the show, Private Practice…It’s not like me to basically stay in bed for a few days. […]

  • Lynne wrote a new post, Binge Watching 5 months ago

    I admit I used to be one of those people who could never understand how people could binge watch a TV show. I just didn’t feel like I want to sit there for hours and watch the same show over and over… I kno […]

  • The other night Peyton and I decided to bake some banana bread. Peyton absolutely loves banana bread, and I have to admit I really like it too!

    I got so many comments and requests for the recipe… that I d […]

  • A week ago this past Friday… My sister… Peyton and I were invited to go to Walden’s Lakeview dining up in beautiful Lake Conroe in Montgomery, Texas.

    I have been up to the Lake Conroe area multiple times […]

  • One of the biggest topics nowadays, especially on social media is self-care. It is something that each and everyone of us really truly need to not only be aware of, but to actually practice.

    We all have our […]

  • It’s that time a year again… Cold and flu season… I really really hate this time of year.

    Today, I actually got a text message from Teladoc about how the flu has hit us here in Texas. I’ve always stresse […]

  • I wanted to share this video… some of you have already seen this… If you follow me on Instagram and or Twitter I know you’ve seen this.

    I wanted to share it again, because I think this video is really a w […]

  • I thought this was a good Throwback Thursday Blog….. I see so much hate and Bullying daily about EVERYTHING! I wish people would take time to reflect… spread kindness.. respect others OPINIONS… and look at […]

  • Love is a verb… I love this phrase when love is portrayed in an unconditional way, these days it seems to be rare!

    Love is something we really tend to reflect on during the Holidays season!
    Almost all p […]

  • The holiday season brings so many memories back for everyone… I remember as a kid spending the holidays with my dad side of the family on Christmas Day. I had a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles.. and we w […]

  • This is one of the best college football days of the year! Army Navy Game! These young men and women who choose to serve our country are some of the best our Country has to offer! I am a HUGE fan of our Military […]

  • Ever since my older kids were little, I have had a tradition of making them hot chocolate when it was cold out, especially when they didn’t feel good… Or when they just kind a needed that extra internal hug […]

  • I thought since we are doing the 45 Awesomism Days of the Holidays… and it is Throwback Thursday…. what better time than now to bring out this blog from 4 years ago! The Holidays are a time that we reflect on […]

  • Lynne wrote a new post, The Park Bench 7 months ago

    I wrote this piece several years ago for my book… I read it every so often and I remind myself it will be Okay.

    There are times I really do worry about what is going to happen to Peyton, after I am gone… Aft […]

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