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  • Peyton and I love the sights of the season! we always take pictures! here is a collage we put together of some of the Holiday items we have seen!

    We Hope you enjoy them!

    Also, this week be sure and check out […]

  • We have all heard the expression you can’t take care of others, if you don’t take care of yourself.

    This is true for so many reasons. I think during the holidays it is especially necessary that we make sur […]

  • If you’re like us, you really love smoked brisket… My husband makes one of the best smoked briskets, I’ve ever had in my life. I was never really all that much into brisket, and can honestly tell you that […]

  • This was a blog/video that Peyton made for me last year! I still really love this video. I thought we would share it again for Throwback Thursday. We will be making another video for this year! so be sure and […]

  • We are super excited to announce our Giving Tuesday collaboration between UnderdogKids Foundation, AwesomismMom and Native Organics! 20% of every bottle sold of our all natural, plant based Lemon and Lavender hand […]

  • I absolutely love the idea of small business Saturday…

    I think nowadays too many small businesses are being ignored… I’m still a big fan of brick and mortar, and I know I’ve been told I’m very old fashioned […]

  • Well…… Thanksgiving is over!

    So now it is officially the Christmas countdown! This time of the year there are always so many debates whether or not Christmas decorating… Christmas events…etc… bas […]

  • If you read my blogs or follow me on social media you know that I have GAD… And of course Peyton is autistic. You also know, that I will not promote products from companies that I do not truly believe in… I t […]

  • I wrote this post 3 years ago, Thanksgiving… I had hoped and prayed that by now we would have healed some. I really do not think we have and I am not sure we ever will…

    It seems as though it has now spilled […]

  • My mom asked me if I would be a guest blogger as part of our 45 Awesomism Days of the Holidays, and I said “Yes, of course!”

    In this blog, I’m going to be talking about why I enjoy watching the Macy’s […]

  • As we get ready for the World to start it’s Christmas Decorating… Let’s take a moment to look at the Beauty,Fun and Images of Fall/Autumn!

    Beauty is everywhere…. If we take the time to look for things that […]

  • I first published this Blog Nov 16 last year… I thought it was perfect for this year again! This is perfect for our 45 Awesomism Days of the Holidays.. This recipe is easy, yummy and best of all can be used […]

  • I am so happy and honored to have Lloyd as my guest Blogger… he inspires me everyday! he is an autistic adult, who is blind in one eye. He has gone through so many challenges in his life, yet he gets up every […]

  • I absolutely love a true Dutch apple pie.. it is one of my favorite desserts… My oldest son is obsessed with it as I am! My other kids really love it too, but he and I absolutely could eat it every day!

    I g […]

  • Too often we get all caught up in the “Christmas Holidays” and forget about Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday… It truly is a time in the year where everyone stops and thinks about what b […]

  • We are super excited to be doing the 45 Awesomism days of the holidays!

    As I have discussed in previous blogs… I have GAD, general anxiety disorder… And Peyton is as everyone knows well…  is auti […]

  • I absolutely love a good cup of tea and about a week and a half ago I was making myself a traditional medicinal tea.

    I was feeling a little bit under the weather and had a sore throat, so I decided to make […]

  • It is never too early to think about Christmas Cards… at least I don’t think so!!

    I remember when my older kids were young… They would run to the mailbox during Christmas season to try to get the C […]

  • Thank you, Lynne, AwesomismMom for this honor and the opportunity to be a guest blogger/writer for your wonderful site. Our community of people are important family and I am happy to be able to share my […]

  • I decided to revisit this blog for a couple of reasons….. We have had some bad weather in Texas again lately, and once again… I saw the best come out in people…. and another reason… because I really hope […]

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