#Flipblogger Webcast

This is a long overdue thank you and shout out to the FlipbloggerAweMomFlipblogger webcast which featured in their slides our Awesomism Mom Flipboard magazine,
as well as another  near to my heart collaboration with Janette Speyer entiFlipbloggerABCtled The
ABC’s of Living on This Planet
. We were very honored to be mentioned during this presentation, which you can view here.


The webcast was hosted by Jessica Rosenberg of  itsjessicaslife.com and Jenn de La Vega of Flipboard. Flipboard is making a concerted effort to reach out to the blogging community and promote Flipboard as another tool to extend the reach of your blog. This is something we have known and practiced from day 1 of our blog. We proudly display the ‘Flip’ icons and embed our magazines prominently on the site.

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Hooray for Dollywood!!

Many a trip to the amusement park has been cut short for the family after a few hours of sensory overload. Dollywood, in consultation with Autism Speaks has opened the first ever sensory calming room at the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee amusement park. Autistic children and their families can take a half hour break from the sensory overload that many autistic children experience at amusement parks. Lego’s announced plans for one also.

Big kudos to Dollywood and hope to see these as a common feature in the future.

Read about it here http://flip.it/BFJQe from CountryLiving.com and also in our Flipboard magazine

Or here http://flip.it/yB8._ from AutismSpeaks.com

Also check out Dollywood.com

This is one of our goals for the upcoming Netcademy, to provide a sensory calming room on the internet, as well as a source for learning. Hope you will join us! Stay tuned.

Picket Fences

Everyone’s looking for that perfect life. It’s different for each of us of course, but generally includes a happy family and security. Maybe a house, a dog, 2.4 kids and white picket fence to round it out. Most of us achieve some level of this, at least compared with the rest of the world, so never forget that. We are truly lucky to be living in America in the year 2016, despite what pundits and politicians may tell you.


That said, each of us has our own burdens to bear and do so with varying degrees of grace. Because you have an autistic child, your perfect life is not over. It may be harder to achieve, but that depends on your outlook on Continue reading

Fail Fast

In the world of business, and especially with ‘Startups’, there is the saying that the faster you fail, the sooner you can get on the right path. Hence the title Fail Fast or #FailFast. Or at least try another path. With autism gaining momentum as a mainstream subject, there are those who will take advantage of souring statistics for their own gain. Some even have autistic children and a load of good intentions. The newfound experts in this area range from those with good intentions but little ability, to downright unethical. With 1 in 56 children being diagnosed with autism, chances are most people are touched by it in some way. They have a sibling, a neighbor or classmates. These growing numbers provide an opening for opportunists to take advantage of the vulnerable parent searching for some way to provide comfort, education or even just fun to the child who is different from Continue reading