Fail Fast

In the world of business, and especially with ‘Startups’, there is the saying that the faster you fail, the sooner you can get on the right path. Hence the title Fail Fast or #FailFast. Or at least try another path. With autism gaining momentum as a mainstream subject, there are those who will take advantage of souring statistics for their own gain. Some even have autistic children and a load of good intentions. The newfound experts in this area range from those with good intentions but little ability, to downright unethical. With 1 in 56 children being diagnosed with autism, chances are most people are touched by it in some way. They have a sibling, a neighbor or classmates. These growing numbers provide an opening for opportunists to take advantage of the vulnerable parent searching for some way to provide comfort, education or even just fun to the child who is different from Continue reading

Peyton’s Blog about Our Road Trip to South Texas

Our Road Trip to South Texas

Date: 1/16/16

On January 14-15th, me and my parents went to south Texas, and we
had lots of fun, but we also learned. We got to learn more about the
Goliad massacre, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, King Ranch and
so much more about history. We drove down to McAllen, we were almost
in Mexico. Before we left and while we were driving, I Googled some
counties and cities in south Texas to learn more about them. They had
historic stores, restaurants and hotels. I added the links and
pictures on Flipboard. I did not know anything about the history of
counties or cities in south Texas until now.
In the afternoon, we went to King Ranch Quarter Horses, and we got
to learn about Santa Gertrudis cattle and the Klebergs family. We read
the signs to learn about Richard M. Kleberg and his father Robert J.
Kleberg. Robert J. Kleberg helped breed the Santa Gertrudis cattle.
The Santa Gertrudis were named after the Spanish land grant. That
night, we went to Corpus Christi, and we stayed at the Hyatt Place. I
didn’t realize Corpus Christi was such a big city, it reminded me of
Florida because of the beach. We got to see the USS Lexington
battleship, fishing boats, Harbor Bridge and downtown Corpus Christi
while we were driving. We went to the original Whataburger, that is
where Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton started it. It had 2 floors and an
outdoor. Before we left and after we finished eating, we took a
picture of Harmon Dobson statue that was on the bench near the door.
Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton were partners, and Dobson’s goal was to
make a very good burger. “What a burger!” he said. That’s the reason
why he called it “Whataburger.”

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Guest Blog From Mark

One constant around our house is sports. I used to play a lot, now it’s just the occasional round of golf or tossing the Frisbee, tho the tv is frequently tuned to whatever game is on. I’m a big believer in using sports to teach greater life lessons such as performing under pressure, teamwork and accountability. Peyton doesn’t have much of an affinity for playing sports and we haven’t pushed it on him. One sport we have encouraged him to partake in is bowling. I bowled as a kid (a fat kid at that), and always had fun, made friends and Continue reading

Grassroots support for Awesomism

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write for my next blog, many ideas popped into my head. One of the struggles is to make sure my topic means something to others, not just myself. Having a grassroots background, I know finding that commonality among others is important. I truly believe that if a blog even touches just one family, I consider it a success. I know first hand the ups and downs of living day by day with Awesomism, and sometimes just a kind word can help! I have had my share of days where I just wanted, needed advice, a shoulder etc…from another Awesomism Parent who had been through what I was going through. Continue reading

My Doorbell’s Smarter Than Your Doorbell…by Mark

Lynne and I are lucky. Peyton can take care of himself for short times  He can straighten his room, take out the trash, do the dishes, feed and walk the dogs and other life skills we’ve worked with him on.  He can cook for himself and occasionally for us. He knows not to leave the burners on the stove on, and has occasionally busted me for forgetting to turn off the burner. Since he is homeschooled, he has a schedule that he adheres to that begins most mornings with a 10 minute workout to clear some of the cobwebs and get the blood flowing. Then it’s on to his workbooks, reading or online classes from websites like Coursera or Khan Academy, with a couple of breaks including for lunch, and then winding up with chores and or playing with his friend Josh. Continue reading