Throwback: No Place Like Home for the Holidays

This was a blog/video that Peyton made for me last year! I still really love this video. I thought we would share it again for Throwback Thursday. We will be making another video for this year! so be sure and watch for it! Hope you enjoy and make sure you have your sound up so you can hear the music!



I absolutely love my husband… To me he is the best husband on this planet. Being married to an oil guy means you have absolutely no set schedule. You live according to an “oil schedule” Which is just fine with me. I miss him when he’s gone, but our love is stronger than distance.

My husband was supposed to be home a week and a half before Thanksgiving… That didn’t work out… He got home on Thanksgiving day. We decided to have Thanksgiving with our third child, who lives close, on Sunday… We watched football and relaxed, on Thanksgiving. 🦃

I had this feeling that he wasn’t going to be able to be home when he thought he would be. I decided that I was going to decorate the whole house… Mind you we have 4100 ft.²… For Christmas, before he came home.

I usually have a rule that I don’t start putting any Christmas decorations up until Thanksgiving is over… I love Thanksgiving, it’s one of my favorite holidays and I don’t like to dismiss it, by having Christmas stuff up. This year I made an exception!

I wanted to make sure, that if my husband didn’t make it home for Christmas… That he still got to enjoy Christmas in our home. I absolutely positively love decorating… Very few people know this about me, but my background is interior design.…Even though I chose not to pursue it professionally, after college.

I love designing and decorating my own home. The holidays to me are like an empty canvas and I get to paint with passion and love. I go all out. This year was no exception. In fact this year I went above and beyond what I have done for the last five years combined.

I put a 7 foot plus tree in our sitting room… And I decorated it with all little white lights and lots of gold, silver with angels, beautiful ribbon etc. the rest of the room was decorated the same.

I did the lights down the staircase with Garland swags and bows… In our office I did our sports Christmas tree!  Each room in the house has a different theme.

Our family room and kitchen I put our family Christmas tree… And that was decorated with the ornaments that we’ve collected over the years from our children and family ornaments. Multicolored lights on the tree & fireplace.The fireplace has the garland and the stockings 

I must admit when I was all done, even though it was a lot of work, I loved it. I loved it even more when Mark walk through the door and I could see by the smile on his face, and that twinkle in his eyes how much he loved it!

As I said at the beginning of this blog my hubby is awesome. Doing things like this for him makes me happy.  He not only is an awesome husband… He is an amazing stepfather… He’s actually their dad. Peyton and my older kids all absolutely adore him.

Peyton helped me decorate the whole house… He loves the lights part,  which is so awesome for me because I get so frustrated when the light to get all tangled up! He has the patience of a saint.  😂🎄

In fact Peyton  even wrote a blog about why he loves Christmas lights so much!

My hubby works very hard… He never complains… So making his Holidays a little bit better by having the house cozy, loving and festive is the least I can do. My goal was to have Mark feel ” There is no place home for the Holidays” I think I achieved that! I know he felt the love In every Christmas decoration! ❤️🎄❤️



Our Trip a Throwback Thursday Blog

I thought for my Blogtober post today… I would put a blog I wrote 4 years ago! it It’s really amazing how far my blog has come… I don’t even know where to begin with how different it is now.

I started blogging to kind of just to share our autism family life, And now it’s turned into a full website, with a product line among many other things.

I’m so thankful for all the support and help that I have gotten along the way. I can’t believe how different my style has become, as well as my content… I hope you enjoy this throwback blog for a throwback Thursday!

Tomorrow I will have an awesome Friday food blog!!

Thanks so much for reading my blogs and all your support,

Lynne “awesomismmom”




I love to travel, meeting new people and seeing new places is exciting to me. I am lucky in that our business involves traveling. We had a client flying in to meet another client that is based in Chicago. We actually had a short time to prepare for this due to several beyond our control reasons. As many of you know, traveling is always stressful, and it is more stressful when traveling with an Autistic child. Mark and I work very hard to teach Peyton day-to-day life skills, and traveling is one of those. I had Peyton pack his own suitcases and backpack. It is very hard not to pack for him or to go on behind him to make sure he has everything. I also know that if I do,then he really isn’t learning to be self-sufficient in day-to-day tasks. I gave him a general overview of what he needed to pack. I know Peyton loves checking the weather, so I encouraged him to look at Chicago weather and pack the proper clothes. I myself checked as well to make sure we wouldn’t be encountering severe weather and decided to let me make decisions on clothes etc…
We decided to drive to Chicago as that is easier with Peyton, and lucky for us we have another child who lives close and who is willing to house and dog-sit! We Homeschool so we use our travels as an opportunity to teach Peyton as well. Traveling also affords the ability to teach him things that Peyton may not otherwise be exposed to. One of the skills we worked with him on was journaling our gas expenses. We had him write down, the amount at each fill-up as well as location, cost, price per gallon and mileage. This way he can learn how much it does cost to operate a car. We also like to travel off of the main highways so we can stop at different historical locations as well as places of interest. We stopped at Hot Springs Arkansas, New Madrid, Missouri, Meramec Caverns and Jefferson Texas. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.25.29 PMEach of these places we went to the historical museums and or the main town square and read up on the History. On-site learning affords Peyton a lesson that is easier for him than just sitting being talked at, it encourages him to interact more and I find this works better. It allows Mark and I some one-on-one time with him, to discuss issues that are bothering him or topics he wants to discuss. Many times, because of his Autism, he doesn’t come and sit down and talk to us like my older ones did. Being in the car with him for a trip allows us that opportunity.
I know at times traveling can be overwhelming for Peyton as well as Mark and I, but it also affords us many amazing opportunities. I will have a 4 part blogging series on our travels, where I will go more in-depth about the places we visited, the Hotels, people we met along the way, as well as a Blog from Peyton about the trip!
I hope you will continue to follow this series and would love your comments, suggestions and feedback!