Flipboard Magazines

Here are my Flipboard magazines! We love Flipboard in our home. It's great for autism, anxiety, etc. If you have an account, please follow me!

Turning autism into Awesomism.           Cup Of Awesomism Podcast

Our Awesomismmom Blogs                     Underdog Kids Foundation

Awesome Comfort Foods                         Stress Relief

Awesome Dad Stuff                                   Awesome Entrepreneurial Spirit

Texas is Awesome                                     Nature is Awesome

Manners and Etiquette are Awesome    Awesome Healthy Living Tips

Call it Awesomism, not Autism               The Awesomism of Self Care

Why GOLF is Awesome                             The Awesomism of Quilts Crafting and DIY!! 

Fishing is Awesome!                                 My Awesome Day Ideas!

Here’s my account! Awesomismmom 

And check out Peyton’s magazines  as well!