• As many of you may or may not know, Mark, Peyton and I are getting ready to head out on a year long adventure! We are really getting excited! My previous two blogs have been a basic outline preview to what we are […]

  • In the middle of September Peyton will turn 18!  As with all my kids this birthday is a big deal. The 18th birthday is a beginning in many ways, of a new chapter in our lives. In most states you are considered an […]

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    Weaving Awesomism life stories together!
    Follow us on our Journey to turn Autism into Awesomism!

    Now that Peyton is 18 we want to show him America and meet so many Awesomism p […]

  • Several years ago I was having a really bad day…woke up with a migraine, was tired, grumpy and stressed. Mark suggested I go and get a massage. I happily agreed. I find massage is a real help for my […]

  • (With special thanks to

    Getting Stressed trying to figure out how to keep your kids occupied this summer? I will be putting out a few blogs over the summer with some awesome ideas. Yes, there are […]

  • Happy Mothers Day! Besides my special Mothers Day blog below…I am very excited and proud to announce our new book is available on Amazon today! Only $9.99 plus s&h.

  • As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a Mom…I remember when I was younger I wanted to have 6 kids, I came close, I had 4. I love the saying “Mothering is a proud profession”.  I love being a Mom, […]

  • “Rather light a candle than complain about darkness”  Chinese Proverb


    Mark won a gift card to Barnes and Noble and we weren’t really sure what we wanted to  buy with it, so we decided to just go relax an […]

  • A few weeks ago Mark and I met with a couple who have a coffee business. I  am doing an inspirational book for autism families and wanted to highlight a small independent coffee company in it. After a few minutes […]

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    Pillows Pillows everywhere! Ever see an ad for a furniture store and there are a ton of pillows on the beds? Well, I am one of those people who really loves pillows…I can never have enough pillows. I honestly […]

  • I love this time of the year..Spring is showing its beauty and days are longer and prettier. Flowers and trees are blooming and the birds are singing. With Spring also comes the greatest of the golf tournaments. I […]

  • “Your playing small doesn’t serve the World”  Marianne Williamson

    I saw this quote the other day in my “Be inspired” journal and immediately loved it! This pretty much has been my motto my whole life….many […]

  • I love a great cup of coffee…Mark and I make ours with a French press…we buy flavored coffee and add flavored creamers…. I add cinnamon to mine as well. I especially enjoy it on a cold, rainy morning. Many […]

  • We have all heard the expression “Love is a verb” I like this phrase…when Love is portrayed in an unconditional way, which these days seems to be rare. We can’t watch any “reality” TV show these days without […]

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    Last week I saw a tweet by John Quinones for his show …” What Would You Do” and it got me thinking. He was asking for show ideas and was coming to the area of the country we happen to live in, the Southeast. I […]

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    As I was thinking about what I wanted to write for this weeks blog, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day week…I knew the theme needed to be Love….but wanted it to be special…I think you will agree this […]

  • Hello All….Our email Lynne@awesomismmom, had been down for a few days. If you tried to contact me and received an undeliverable notification, you can try again. Our IT staff (Mark) thinks it will work […]

  • I love classic tv, always have and always will. My favorite show ever is Hazel. I also love My Three Sons, Andy Griffith, The Dick Van Dyke show, Betwitched, Green Acres, Donna Reed, I Love Lucy and several more. […]

  • I have been asked several times why I use the blue hearts and why I call it Awesomism. Some parents, don’t like that I call it that because they think it doesn’t adequately represent many of the struggles we deal […]

  • Being the mom of an autistic child has opened my eyes to many things that before I either didn’t see or chose to ignore. I remember when my oldest son was young, other first time moms would ask me…how big is he, […]

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