Mark Simpson

  • This post is long overdue. I have what I think are some very good reasons. One is technical, the keyboard on my laptop decided it was a good time start flaking out. You never realize how important the ‘v’ key is […]

  • Day 1 of Blog Elevated is in the books (at least for me, others are enjoying a night at the beautiful South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center) so

    I thought I would give a quick update of my […]

  • Big News! We are honored to have been invited to give a Breakout Session talk at the upcoming BlogElevated Conference in Houston next weekend, Oct 21-23.
    Mark will be speaking on how we use Flipboard for our […]

  • The Houston Chronicle reports that School Superintendents in both Dallas and San Antonio are questioning the arbitrary target goal of 8.5% of students receiving special needs treatment.
    “I was surprised to see […]

  • The Houston Chronicle published an investigative piece yesterday that everybody, especially followers of this and other autism related resources should read. They have removed their paywall for this article, which […]

  • This is a long overdue thank you and shout out to the Flipblogger webcast which featured in their slides our Awesomism Mom Flipboard magazine,
    as well as another  near to my heart collaboration with Janette Sp […]

  • Many a trip to the amusement park has been cut short for the family after a few hours of sensory overload. Dollywood, in consultation with Autism Speaks has opened the first ever sensory calming room at the Pigeon […]

  • Everyone’s looking for that perfect life. It’s different for each of us of course, but generally includes a happy family and security. Maybe a house, a dog, 2.4 kids and white picket fence to round it out. Most of […]

  • In the world of business, and especially with ‘Startups’, there is the saying that the faster you fail, the sooner you can get on the right path. Hence the title Fail Fast or #FailFast. Or at least try another […]