My hero by Peyton

I’m 16, I’m autistic, and I love sports. 2 of my most favorite sports
are Football and Basketball. My favorite teams in NFL are Chicago
Bears, Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My favorite teams in
NBA are Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic and Golden
State Warriors. My favorite Colleges are Florida State Seminoles and
Texas A&M Aggies. I always cheer for FSU because all of my family are
FSU fans. My cousins, Troy and Jodie both went to FSU. I cheer for
Texas A&M because that’s where my stepdad, Mark got his master’s
degree. I do sometimes cheer for TCU because Mark’s dad went there.
My favorite team is FSU football, I am very lucky because I have a
buddy who went to FSU. He played football for FSU and later became a
pro and played for several teams in NFL, Everett Dawkins, also known as Big E. We call him Big E because he is huge and hard as a rock. He talks to me on E-mail, text messages and Twitter. He always remembers my Birthday, and that means a lot to me.
I also know Daniel Glauser, who also went to FSU and played football. He also follows and talks to me on Twitter, he is my friend. Both Everett and Daniel are very nice and they would never treat me like I’m autistic.
Although, I don’t have many friends because I’m autistic, and I don’t talk very well, but Everett thinks I’m cool, and he really cares about me. Everett teaches himself how to become a better player in Football. Everett started
the foundation called Underdog Kids. I am currently working on a book
for it, and it’s about what is like to be an underdog. The book is
also about me and my youth group when we went bowling. Everett makes
me feel safe, and he is like a big brother to me. Everett teaches me that it’s okay to be different and to be an underdog. He encourages me to exercise because I needed to get stronger and have more energy. On October 5th, I went to the Fall Festival, and I won the medal for the horse race, because I ran fast, I’ve been exercising for a year so that I have more energy.
Everett taught me that I may not be great at talking or sports, but I
matter. I love Everett because he makes me feel like I can do
anything, even though I am autistic. Many people want to be friends
with him, because he plays football and is so nice, but he chooses to
be friends with me. When something good happens and I tell him, he
always makes a big deal out of it. I am so happy he chose to be
friends with me and my family! I’m glad he started the Underdog
Kids because it will help kids feel better about themselves. I hope
that it becomes really big so lots of kids can get support. I wish more Sport
stars were so nice and cared about Autism and would help autistic kids. I am so glad Everett does,because he made a big difference in my life.


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