This is my son Peyton….he has taught me patience and the real meaning of true love…he has brought me, my husband, and my other 3 kids even closer to one another. He faces battles that we can’t even imagine ….

It’s many times easier to focus on the negative side of things, what I mean is the daily struggles we face as Awesomism parents can pull us down. I refer to these as our Life’s Lemons..  Peyton is 19, We have had our share of ups and downs, but in the end we have found our Lavender…meaning the best from each situation! Life isn’t always easy no matter what, but having autism and anxiety can at times, make life a bit tougher.

Rather than focus on Life’s Lemons…Let’s work together and make Lavender! Together we are stronger..together we are a force to be reckon with! We would love to have you on this journey with us! please join our email list!

We would love to have your feedback as well…

Remember when Life Hands You Lemons.. Make Lavender!

Thank you…. Lynne “Awesomism Mom”