This is my son Peyton….he has taught me patience and the real meaning of true love…he has brought me and my other 3 kids even closer to one another. He faces battles that I can’t even imagine ….

It’s many times easier to focus on the negative side of things, what I mean is the daily struggles we face as Awesomism parents can pull us down. Getting together with other Awesomism parents can turn into a discussion of how tough life is. We should use these times to connect and put together ideas and discussions of what we used or did to solve an issue we faced. Peyton is 19, I have met many parents of kids who are ages 4 to 10. I love when they ask me about how I have dealt with issues, or what they may still face. We need to come together as a community and get our voice heard! If we were all on a football team and just played whatever plays we thought were best, we probably wouldn’t win the game…….But together working as a team and having the “end goal” be a Touchdown for Autism, we can and will do awesome things. Please connect and add your voice to this blog.

Thank you…. Lynne “Awesomism Mom”