Expressing himself in nontraditional ways!

When Peyton was young he had his own language and many times I didn’t know what he was telling me. At one point my third child seemed to be the only one who could understand him at times. I felt so bad that I wasn’t always able to understand what he was he was telling me. We relied on pointing or me guessing until he shook his head in approval. I know it frustrated him as well and I could tell at times when Preston was called into the room to “interpret” it hurt him, he saw the rest of us communicating and he wasn’t able  to. I would repeat back to him what he had said hoping that it would improve his skill set. I had wished he could write down what he was feeling, wanting, thinking etc…. Since he couldn’t read I knew this wasn’t possible.

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How Closed Caption made my life easier!

One Issue so many fellow Awesomism families ask me is “how did you get Peyton to read so well?”  When I answer them I get responses that vary from ‘WOW!’ to ‘hmmm need to try that’….mixed with skepticism.

Let me start from the beginning. When I realized Peyton was going to encounter reading issues that I had not dealt with my older 3 before, I approached it the standard way. I went out and bought just about everything I could get my hands on, from Leap Frog to books that had the letter buttons. None of these worked. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with him and both of us were in tears because he just couldn’t get “the reading thing” down. My older kids would step in and try as well, yet nothing seemed to work. I even tried singing books to him thinking it maybe would help to have a rhythm attached to the words. I was about ready to give up, Then the most amazing thing happened, Peyton figured it out for himself. He did something that was so simple yet no one I spoke with had suggested…….he turned on closed captioning on the TV, Continue reading