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I thought for my Blogtober post today… I would put a blog I wrote 4 years ago! it It’s really amazing how far my blog has come… I don’t even know where to begin with how different it is now.

I started blogging to kind of just to share our autism family life, And now it’s turned into a full website, with a product line among many other things.

I’m so thankful for all the support and help that I have gotten along the way. I can’t believe how different my style has become, as well as my content… I hope you enjoy this throwback blog for a throwback Thursday!

Tomorrow I will have an awesome Friday food blog!!

Thanks so much for reading my blogs and all your support,

Lynne “awesomismmom”




I love to travel, meeting new people and seeing new places is exciting to me. I am lucky in that our business involves traveling. We had a client flying in to meet another client that is based in Chicago. We actually had a short time to prepare for this due to several beyond our control reasons. As many of you know, traveling is always stressful, and it is more stressful when traveling with an Autistic child. Mark and I work very hard to teach Peyton day-to-day life skills, and traveling is one of those. I had Peyton pack his own suitcases and backpack. It is very hard not to pack for him or to go on behind him to make sure he has everything. I also know that if I do,then he really isn’t learning to be self-sufficient in day-to-day tasks. I gave him a general overview of what he needed to pack. I know Peyton loves checking the weather, so I encouraged him to look at Chicago weather and pack the proper clothes. I myself checked as well to make sure we wouldn’t be encountering severe weather and decided to let me make decisions on clothes etc…
We decided to drive to Chicago as that is easier with Peyton, and lucky for us we have another child who lives close and who is willing to house and dog-sit! We Homeschool so we use our travels as an opportunity to teach Peyton as well. Traveling also affords the ability to teach him things that Peyton may not otherwise be exposed to. One of the skills we worked with him on was journaling our gas expenses. We had him write down, the amount at each fill-up as well as location, cost, price per gallon and mileage. This way he can learn how much it does cost to operate a car. We also like to travel off of the main highways so we can stop at different historical locations as well as places of interest. We stopped at Hot Springs Arkansas, New Madrid, Missouri, Meramec Caverns and Jefferson Texas. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.25.29 PMEach of these places we went to the historical museums and or the main town square and read up on the History. On-site learning affords Peyton a lesson that is easier for him than just sitting being talked at, it encourages him to interact more and I find this works better. It allows Mark and I some one-on-one time with him, to discuss issues that are bothering him or topics he wants to discuss. Many times, because of his Autism, he doesn’t come and sit down and talk to us like my older ones did. Being in the car with him for a trip allows us that opportunity.
I know at times traveling can be overwhelming for Peyton as well as Mark and I, but it also affords us many amazing opportunities. I will have a 4 part blogging series on our travels, where I will go more in-depth about the places we visited, the Hotels, people we met along the way, as well as a Blog from Peyton about the trip!
I hope you will continue to follow this series and would love your comments, suggestions and feedback!

Awesomism Quilt


Weaving Awesomism life stories together!
Follow us on our Journey to turn Autism into Awesomism!

Now that Peyton is 18 we want to show him America and meet so many Awesomism people along the way!

“Sharing a Coffee, Tea or Water can help take people from strangers to Friends! “

Lynne has branded herself as ‘AwesomismMom’ with a website, social media accounts and even a book available on Amazon (Mom On An Awesomism Mission). She comes from an entrepreneurial family in Chicago which she leveraged into 25+ years of working in grassroots politics in Florida, while at the same time homeschooling all 4 of her kids, the oldest of which is 31, the youngest is 17 and autistic. Together with her husband, Mark, AwesomismMom is a family on a mission to help autism families. From this setting, she realizes that every person she comes in contact with has a story to be heard. Our primary focus is to help those who are teens and adults adapt better into the world that doesn’t always understand exactly what autism is.
Lynne has been featured by Flipboard both in print as well as was invited to speak to the company in Palo Alto, was a speaker at HECOA ( Home Education Council of America) , participated in several different autism fundraising campaigns, guest writer for Autism Parenting magazine, Woodlands Kiwanis Club, Underdogkids Foundation (of which she is now a board member) as well as several other groups ….for her work in the autism community. With an 85% adult unemployment rate among autistic adults, jobs and job skills are foremost to her Awesomism campaign.
Mark, Lynne and Peyton are taking to the road to meet, connect, help and tell the stories of Awesomism teens and adults. Human connection is very important to be able to truly understand others challenges. We will be sharing these stories and experiences through Blogs, social Media, flipboard magazine, newsletter, periscope and more!
How can you help? 
There are many ways you can be a part of our mission!
We are looking for Sponsors.. if you are interested please reach out and I will send you our sponsorship information.
We are looking for Awesomism stories, if you know of someone who has an awesome story to share please reach out.
We are looking for venues to connect with others such as groups where we can share our Mission!
We are looking for suggestions on towns and cities to head to as well!


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